linux2.6.38之后内核版本下编译内核模块,当调用open_by_devnum()函数时会出错。该问题原因在于:在linux2.6.37版本以后的内核中,已将open_by_devnum()函数去除,而用 blkdev_get_by_dev函数取代其功能。


xen/blkback: Update to use blkdev_get_by_dev instead of open_by_devnum.

Subject: [PATCH 7/5] block: clean up blkdev_get() wrappers and their users
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After recent blkdev_get() modifications, open_by_devnum() and
open_bdev_exclusive() are simple wrappers around blkdev_get().
Replace them with blkdev_get_by_dev() and blkdev_get_by_path().

blkdev_get_by_dev() is identical to open_by_devnum().
blkdev_get_by_path() is slightly different in that it doesn't
automatically add %FMODE_EXCL to @mode.

All users are converted.  Most conversions are mechanical and don't
introduce any behavior difference.  There are several exceptions.

* btrfs now sets FMODE_EXCL in btrfs_device->mode, so there's no
  reason to or it explicitly on blkdev_put().

* gfs2, nilfs2 and the generic mount_bdev() now set FMODE_EXCL in

* With the above changes, sb->s_mode now always should contain
  FMODE_EXCL.  WARN_ON_ONCE() added to kill_block_super() to detect

The new blkdev_get_*() functions are with proper docbook comments.
While at it, add function description to blkdev_get() too.


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